Friday, April 16, 2010

Going on a Dolphin Trip

Back on Blackbird Caye, I had a chance to help a dolphin researcher named Izzy. My Mom and I got to go out on a boat while my Dad had to lead a snorkel group. We went out for the afternoon to look for dolphins. Izzy has been working with these dolphins at Turneffe Atoll for years. He often sees the same individuals year after year. He knows because of nicks and scars and patterns that unique to each dolphin and they are much like you own fingerprint. He studies their behavior such as mating, feeding or playing. We saw some dolphins of course. We were lucky that we saw some because they can go a whole day without seeing any dolphins.

It was really cool when the dolphins bow ride. Bow riding is when the boat the pushes a water current forward and it forms a wave with
the dolphins ride. It looks like they are having fun. There was more than one dolphin and they had a baby. Unfortunately that made it so we couldn’t get in the water with them. Izzy thinks that they were playing. I think so too. They were amazing. That’s all for now from the Nudibranch Network……

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