Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sophie meets Sylvia Earle

A famous scientist and explorer named Dr. Silvia Earle came to visit our little island to promote new her project called ‘Places of Hope‘. The reason she chose Turneffe Atoll is because of its high number of species of plants and animals found on the coral reefs, seagrasses, mangroves and on the island itself. Turneffe Atoll is also in danger of it being over developed, fished out and destroyed because it has no protection to the plants and animals that live here.

Dr. Earle has many nicknames, like ‘Her Deepness’ or the ‘Living Legend‘ but I found her to just be a nice person with an important mission. My favorite nickname for her is ‘Hero for the Planet‘, because she is so inspiring. She said that people have the power to do many things that have hurt the planet but we have the same power to do things to help the planet. She feels that we have the knowledge and the power to stop the bad things we are doing to the ocean. She said we used to believe that we could take as much out of or put into the ocean whatever we wanted and that it was so vast that it would not matter. But we have found out that it is not true.

I really hate to give bad news, but I’ve been out snorkeling around, listening to the lectures on coral reefs, fish populations and pollution and I believe we have a serious problem. I think the good news is that we really can make a difference now. I believe it’s now or never. I have some ideas about what I can do and am curious about what you think you can do.

1. Use less plastic. I see so much plastic washing up on our beach that it makes me feel very sad. This plastic seems to come from all over the world.
2. There are a lot of half worn shoes that wash up on our beach, unfortunately only one at a time. Can we make worn or unmatched shoes a fashion statement?
3. I buy stuff locally made so it doesn’t have to be shipped all over the world using lots of oil.
4. I don’t eat shrimp! When you see how the Mangroves are cut down, and then the gross places where the shrimp are raised you would not be able to swallow them. Then these festering shrimp ponds are abandoned after a couple of years and left abandoned because the water quality is not good anymore. Even wild shrimp has so much by-catch that is killed. There can be about a ton of fish killed for a bucket of shrimp. This happens is Biscayne Bay and all over the world.
5. REALLY think about what meat you are eating and how much feed does it take to grow the animal. Whether it is a fish farm or a cow. Don’t eat too much slow growing top predator fish or land animals.

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  1. Sophie - greetings from Port Angeles. I enjoyed your wonderful words of hope and caution. You are wise beyond your years.

    Looks like your parents have found a very special place to be for all of you. Here in my yard, crocuses are done blooming and daffodils are tall with flowers. Its an early spring, damp but just warm enough for plants to start their growth.
    Miss you all.
    Best wishes - Liam